Level 2  
Rock, paper, scissors
Haunted House

In level 2 we learn two new commands: is and sleep. You can name a word with is. This is called a variable. In this example we made a variable called name and a variable called age. You can use the word name anywhere in your code and it will be replaced by Hedy, like this:

This way you no longer need the echo command!

name is Hedy
age is 15
print name is age years old

print still works the same, but the ask command has changed. You need to use a variable in the ask command as well. It looks like this:

answer is ask What is your name?
print Hello answer

Another new command in this level is sleep, which pauses your program for a second. If you type a number behind the sleep command, the program pauses for that amount of seconds.

print My favorite colour is...
sleep 2
print green!
print hello world!
Latest update: 2023 May 19(16ca96)