Hedy documentation

Teaching preparations

Creating a Class

As a teacher, you can create a class for your students. In this class you can see the students' accounts and their programs and you could monitor their progress. This video shows you how to quickly create a class in Hedy.

Customize your Class

You can also customize your class and choose which adventures are available for them. This way your students won't be overwhelmed by the amount of adventures and levels, and they can specifically focus on the adventures you'd like them to practice with. This video shows you how to customize your class.

Student Accounts

There are 2 ways to let your students join your class: You can create accounts for them, or they could create their own accounts.

You create accounts for your students The easiest way to add students to your class is by creating an account for them. This can be done by clicking the 'create student accounts' button and filling in the usernames and passwords for them. The students can login with the username and password that you chose. Afterwards, they can change their username or password if they'd like and they'll still remain in your class. This video shows how to add students to your class in the quickest and easiest way.

Students make their own accounts Your students can also go to the Hedy website and create their own accounts, just like you did. To get them into your class, they simply have to click the invite link. You can find the invite link on the class page and send it to your students. Mind that your students have to be logged in to Hedy when they click the link, in order to make it work smoothly. You can also manually invite a student to your class with the button 'Invite by username'.

Setting preferred language

When students create profiles they are supposed to choose a 'preferred language'. Hedy will always be loaded in this selected language. Changing this language can always be done later on by navigating to 'My account' and 'My personal settings' again. From December 2021, setting a preferred language is obligatory for each Hedy account. When your account or your students' accounts have been created earlier than this date, you will receive a message that a preferred language is missing. Don't worry! Navigate to 'My profile' and set a language in your profile settings. Until you set a language Hedy will be shown in your browser language and, when this language is not supported, in English.

For non-English speakers Not only can you change the language of the adventures to your own language. You can also choose which language the keywords (for example 'print' or 'ask') should be in. This way you can teach your students to code with English keywords, but you can also let them program in their own language. For example, Dutch students can use the command 'vraag' instead of 'ask'.

Video This video show you how to set a preferred language and change the keywords to you preferred language as well.

Storing programs

When you are logged in, you'll see My programs next to your profile icon. This option exists for your students too. In My programs you can find all the programs that you've worked on. By default, programs will be saved to 'My programs' when you run the code, and every 10 seconds, under their default name and their level (for example: Story 5). If you want to store a program under a new name, just type the new name in the name bar. Currently, only one program can be saved per level, per tab.

You (and your students) can also share programs using the share button next to program names. These programs will be posted on our explore page, for everybody to see and use. If you want to unshare your program, go to 'My programs' and click 'Unshare'.

The paper plane icon can be used to hand in programs to the teacher of a class. Programs that have been handed is will no longer be editable.